“I first heard about ‘living in the room of grace’ from you. This thought alone has been one of the pivotal concepts in my last five years of following Jesus. Having grown up in a rather severe and fundamental environment, it took decades to soak in the sweet truth that God loves me as I am with all of the junk that I bring with me. I credit you with placing that wedge in my theology and allowing me to grow in this area.”
Former Executive Director of the U.S. Office at Daystar University, Kenya
“I have learned that it is vital that I pay attention to my heart - my thoughts, emotions, and desires. My heart has been uniquely designed by God to reflect him to others in a way that only I can. In finding my heart I find the parts of me that most uniquely reveal God to others.”

Former missionary to the Middle East
“I was greatly encouraged by this time. It was really comforting to hear yours and other’s stories. It was a great encouragement to be reminded to lead from our stories. The time allowed me to process more areas of my life and childhood and see how it affects my daily relationships. I was able to make many different connections during this time for me, my wife, and teammates.”

Europe church planting team leader
“The ripples that you by the grace of God have triggered continue to radiate deeper and deeper into our lives as individuals and as a team, bringing awareness, healing and greater influence for God’s glory. For both of us, you have opened our eyes to the power of our stories and the kingdom potential found in authentic community. We are benefiting, our family is benefiting, our relationships at church, school and in the larger community are benefiting as we operate from this new perspective.”
East Europe Mission Team Leader
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